It’s the iPhone SE. 


I want a phone I can use with one hand. 

It’s the cheapest iPhone. 

Yeah, you can get a cheap touchscreen for like £150 BUT  if you want to be productive — taking photos and movies —  get something reliable,  FAST & powerful.  

Stop fucking around, reading endless reviews. 

The phone you want is the iPhone SE. Trust me.

I have one and I am delighted with it. It’s fucking perfect. 
I hope this is a sobering alternative to the long winded write ups at tech blogs. 
Stick with me, I’ll save you time. 

Impetus for this post:

iphone 5s compared with iphone SE

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Rear of iPhones 5s and SE

“Uber Eats” in London – delcious, but late and cold 

In summary : the restaurant was slow (kept the courier waiting 20 mins) , the food was late, chips were soggy and cold. Chicken and mango smoothy were delicious. 

It seems it was this eatery’s fault on this occasion. 

The AppStore reviews were overwhelmingly negative but still, I wanted to give this a go

..because I’m interested in app design.

  • Mine came on a motorbike!
    The worst thing is Uber don’t give their couriers heat insulated bags!!!

PS – you’re apparently supposed to write it as uberEATS but i’m not doing that because it looks gross!

Estimated Delivery Time Kept Changing

I felt like was taking the piss. At first the delivery time was 21:11, then it suddenly jumped to 21:45.. before jumping down to like 21:39.


As of late Jan 2017, no.

Promo Code

If you want to give UberEATS a go, you can “get £5 off your first order”  by using the following code:


Rii K61C Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Here’s a clackity keyboard that John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) might like. 

I made a video to show you the lighting effects! It took me ages to shoot and edit, but will only take you (literally) two mins to watch! [You don’t even need the volume on — so you can watch it slyly at work.]
Defining features: this keyboard is big, metal, heavy.
It’s meant for gaming but it could be used for regular work! It feels VERY satisfying to touch type on.
Each key press is audible so it may not be a wise choice if other people are in the room.
The light show is somewhat lurid but it can be turned off.
I’m very impressed with this keyboard. I’m less impressed with the grammatical errors printed on the underside of the cardboard box (but I haven’t deducted any marks for that — it’s just packaging.)

This item  : Amazon UK

Baby iPad Pro – screen quality is indescribably amazing

(I was able to borrow one from Apple for a few weeks. I can’t afford one but if I could I would buy one in a heart beat.)

Good things 

  • The screen quality is just spectacular. 

Bad things 

  • The screen seems prone to light scratches — nothing major,  but a disappointment. (I viscerally hate screen protectors; until now I’ve never managed to scratch the screen of my iPad 2 or iPads Mini. Sure the back casing is all scratched up, but not the Arian screen.)
  • Price – you can’t buy a 64 GB configuration so you need to shell out for the 128GB. (If you need to save money, you can get a refurb iPad Air 2 64GB from Apple for £359
  • Camera bump – while a bit annoying at first, it’s actually useful for orienting the device by feel alone.