The whooping at Apple Stores is so unseemly

  • I was at the Covent Garden store a couple of months ago.
  • The iPad Pro 2018 keynote was on the big screen; people were sat watching the stream in the seating area.
  • It’s bad enough when Americans do the whole whooping thing, but there were pockets of it on the shop floor — coming from Apple retail staff.
  • I’ve never felt more ashamed and embarrassed to like Apple.
  • It’s cringey enough when Americans (Apple staff and customers) cheers and holler, but discomfort was palpable when pockets of staff in the London store whooped.
  • It’s so grotesque and undignified.
  • Everyone in the area was uncomfortable.
  • I got the impression that even the few staff who were doing it felt embarrassed.
  • If management are telling staff to do this, they need to fucking stop.

I hated the iPad Pro 2018 as it was being announced

  • No home button — hated the thought — but after using it for several weeks I admit it’s a fucking amazing iPad.
  • Price hike — I was disgusted by this — in the moment it felt like Apple was being even more gratuitously greedy.
  • I actually got the iPad Pro 2018 with the intention of returning it to Apple for a full refund after Christmas (their return period is super generous)
  • It turns out that I was wrong. This iPad — the first with FaceID — is actually fucking amazing. It took a few weeks to get used to — but oh man, it’s so good. And, worth the extra money.

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